I worked on this EPSRC funded project during my PhD. The project was an interdisciplinary approach across technological, economic, social and behavioural fields. The aim was to examine how technology can be used to reduce the energy consumption of office users.

In the project, I developed algorithms to perform anomaly detection.


The aim of the project was to develop a framework for the Internet of Things which was more focused on the user. More information can be found on the SocIoTal website. The framework and its components can be found on the SocIoTal Github page.

In the project I developed a method to perform authenication based on the walking gait of the user of a smartphone. The app used the accelerometer to provide data on the walking gait of the user. This formed a time-series on which analysis was performed.

This project ended in September 2016.


I am currently working on the TagItSmart! project. The aim of the project is to use functional ink. Function ink is able to change based on changes within the environment such as temperature and light.

My work in the project is examining the use of novel biometrics to authenticate the user of a smart phone. I am currently developing a smartphone app that is able to authenticate a user based on their current and previous locations.

This project started in January 2016 and will end in January 2019.

More information can be found on the TagItSmart! website